Exercise - SBL Shell/CLI


In this exercise, we’ll learn how to execute SBL Shell Commands.

  • Used help<ENTER> to list the available commands

You can execute SBL with the following steps:

  1. Working on Command Prompt
  2. Execute cmd on Shell by type-in:
exit - Exit the shell
help - List supported commands
hob - List HOBs
mem - Read or write system memory
mmap - Display memory map
perf - Display performance data
boot - Print or modify the OS boot option list
cpuid - Read CPU specific information
io - Read or write I/O ports
msr - Read or write model specific registers
mtrr - Display current MTRR configuration
pci - Display PCI devices (example)
reset - Reset the system
ucode - Display microcode version


pci           - Display PCI devices
Compile completed


Exit Shell by close QEMU