Exercise \- Feature Customization - Splash


In this exercise, we’ll learn how to enable display splash screen.

You can execute SBL with the following steps:

  1. Modify board configuration file

  • In file <sbl_tree>\Platform\QemuBoardPkg\BoardConfig.py

  • Change self.ENABLE_SPLASH to 0 and save the file:

    self.ENABLE_SPLASH = 0
  1. Rebuild SBL by using the following command:

    python BuildLoader.py build qemu
  2. Completion: you will see Done [qemu] on the screen after compile completed

  3. Execute SBL on QEMU by using the following command:

  • Windows:

    "C:\Program Files\qemu\qemu-system-x86_64.exe" -m 256M -machine q35 -serial stdio  -pflash Outputs\qemu\SlimBootloader.bin
  1. Check the graphics console Window to see the difference

Compile completed


BoardConfig.py contains lots of options for customization. Most of the SBL static features and Flash image layout can be customized here.

  • Release QEMU control by:

  • Exit Shell by close QEMU