Terminology and Acronyms

SBL Slim Bootloader

UDK UEFI Development Kit

TPM Trsuted Platform Module

ASL ACPI Source Language

NASM Assembler/Disassembler for Intel architecture.


Firmware Support Package. FSP is a binary image embedded in SBL to initialize main memory and chipset for Intel SoCs. It provides a standardized API that boot loaders call into in order to initialize the silicon. These APIs are required in order to boot an OS.

An FSP v2.0 compliant image consists of three subcomponents:

  • FSP-T (Temporary Memory or Cache-As-RAM Initialization)

  • FSP-M (Memory Initialization)

  • FSP-S (Silicon Initialization)


Integrated FirmWare Image. A complete flashable SPI image including all required firmware ingredients to boot on Intel platforms.


A small scalable open source RTOS for IoT embedded devices.


This software uses operating system level virtualization to develop and deliver software in package called containers. The software that hosts these containers is called Docker Engine.