SBL implements a simple versioning structure with many features:

  • Image identification (e.g. supported platforms)

  • Core major and minor revision (See Semantic Versioning)

  • Project major and minor revision

  • Traceability to release process and build environment (e.g. git SHA1, dirty bit, build number)

  • Security version (SVN) to provide Anti-Rollback protection during firmware update

Version Information data structure (BootlLoaderVersionGuid.h):

typedef struct {
  UINT16             BuildNumber;        /* A hour-granularity time stamp     */
  UINT8              ProjMinorVersion;   /* Project or platform major version */
  UINT8              ProjMajorVersion;   /* Project or platform minor version */
  UINT8              CoreMinorVersion;   /* Core code major version           */
  UINT8              CoreMajorVersion;   /* Core code minor version           */
  UINT8              SecureVerNum;       /* Security version number (SVN)     */
  UINT8              Reserved : 5;
  UINT8              BldDebug : 1;       /* Bootloader debug build if 1       */
  UINT8              FspDebug : 1;       /* FSP debug build if 1              */
  UINT8              Dirty    : 1;       /* Dirty flag from git               */

typedef struct {
  UINT32             Signature;          /* '$SBH'                            */
  UINT16             HeaderLength;
  UINT8              HeaderRevision;
  UINT8              Reserved;
  UINT64             ImageId;            /* Unique ASCII string per platform */
  IMAGE_BUILD_INFO   ImageVersion;
  UINT64             SourceVersion;      /* First 8 bytes of git SHA1        */

Image build data IMAGE_BUILD_INFO can be configured in board configuration file One can specify BUILD_NUMBER in environment variables to provide references in an automated build and release setup (e.g. Jenkins)

During build process, version data is generated and embedded in SBL image with signature $SBH.

During boot, SBL passes version data to OS via HOB data list with GUID gBootLoaderVersionGuid and also prints it to the serial console. For example:

ISVN: 001
SVER: 77F65EAF257FD5DE-dirty
FSPV: ID($APLFSP$) REV(01040301)

For build reproducibility required by certain strict development process, one can provide a hard-coded version information in a file during the build process. See Build Tool for more details.