Build Tool¶ compiles source code with all the magics to generate output image(s). It provides two subcommands: build and clean.

You can build SBL with the following options:

  • Build for a supported target
  • Debug or release build
  • Use debug image of FSP
  • Change your payload files
  • Attach a version data structure of your own

Command Syntax:

python <subcommand> <target> <options>

<subcommand>  : build or build_dsc or clean
<target>      : board name (e.g. apl, qemu, etc.)

Windows and Linux share the same command line options as follows. For example, for build subcommand:

usage: build [-h] [-r] [-v] [-fp FSPPATH] [-fd] [-p PAYLOAD] board

positional arguments:
board                 Board Name (apl, qemu, etc.)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help                      Show this help message and exit
  -r, --release                   Release build
  -v, --usever                    Use board version file
  -fp FSPPATH                     FSP binary path relative to FspBin in Silicon folder
  -fd, --fspdebug                 Use debug FSP binary
  -p PAYLOAD, --payload PAYLOAD   Payload file name

For a list of platforms supported:

python build ?

If build is successful, Outputs folder will contain the build binaries. One of the output files will be which will be used in the stitching step.

SBL supports a single image supporting up to 32 board configurations for the same type of board or platform. To add multi-board support, see Configuration.