Integrate Multiple Payloads¶

You can integrate more than one payload files using SBL build tool:


Multi-payload build option format:


<PAYLOAD_FILE>           : external payload file name. Required to be placed in ``PayloadPkg/PayloadBins`` directory
<PAYLOAD_ID>             : 4-byte ASCII name for this payload
<COMPRESSION_ALGORITHM>  : compression algorithm for this payload ('Lz4' or 'Lzma')

The following procedure shows you how to integrate UefiPld.fd into SBL image. Adding other custom payloads is similar.

  1. Copy UefiPld.fd into PayloadPkg/PayloadBins directory (create the directory if it is missing)
  2. Specify PayloadId in SBL configuration file (*.dlt)

PayloadId tells SBL which payload to load instead of default OsLoader. For QEMU, open Platform/QemuBoardPkg/CfgData/CfgDataExt_Brd1.dlt and append the following configuration:

GEN_CFG_DATA.PayloadId                     | 'UEFI'

You may also use Configuration Editor to make file changes. See Configuration Editor for more details.

  1. Build UefiPld.fd into SBL image:

    python build qemu -p "OsLoader.efi:LLDR:Lz4;UefiPld.fd:UEFI:Lzma"

UefiPld.fd image is located in the EPLD region according to SBL flash map.

PayloadId is 4 bytes and should match the value used in the configuration. In this example, PayloadId is UEFI on the command line.


PayloadId 0 is reserved for OsLoader payload.


The payload footprint should be considered as whether it can be fit into the limited flash space. Smaller, single-purpose payload allows flexibility and easier to debug.