Create New Payload


Before you decide to support a new payload in SBL, it is recommended to check whether the existing payloads can be updated to support the new requirement.

For tightly-coupled payload, two steps are required to integrate a new payload:

  1. Create a new payload starts with adding a new module in PayloadPkg/<payload_bar> with entry point function PayloadMain().

    See Package Dependency when you are implementing payload code.

  2. Build and integrate the new payload

    The image size and memory location of the new payload can be configured in The following values are used in Apollo Lake platform payload configurations:

    PAYLOAD_SIZE         = 0x0001F000
    EPAYLOAD_SIZE        = 0x00120000
    PLD_RSVD_MEM_SIZE    = 0x00500000

For loosely-coupled payload, you are full control of payload design and implementation.

UEFI Payload is loosely-coupled payload.