Enable Pre-OS Payload Support

Pre-OS payload support is an additional feature supported by SBL via OS Loader payload in which OS Loader will load both the main OS and a pre-OS payload into memory and will pass control to the pre-OS payload instead of the main OS. After the pre-OS payload finishes execution it is expected that the pre-OS payload will pass control to the main OS that OS Loader previously loaded into memory.

Pre-OS payload support can only be enabled or disabled at build time.

In BoardConfig.py change/add the following entry:


A pre-OS payload binary needs to be provided in the Platform/<Platform_Foo>/Binaries/ directory and named as PreOsChecker.bin.

When this is enabled the OS Loader payload should be used in FV format so that PreOsChecker.bin is included into the payload per the BootloaderCorePkg/BootloaderCorePkg.fdf [FV.OsLoader] section.

To use OS Loader payload as an FV in SBL run the BuildLoader.py command with the -p argument as given below:

python BuildLoader.py build <platform_name> -p OsLoader.Fv:LLDR:Lz4