SBL Build Steps

See Build Environment on how to setup build environment for building SBL.


Behind firewall? See Miscellaneous: Proxy Settings first!

Download SBL

Source code is available on GitHub:

git clone
cd slimbootloader

Build SBL

SBL is built using the script:

  python <subcommand> <target> <options>

  <subcommand>  : build or clean
  <target>      : board name (e.g. apl or qemu)

Example: python build qemu

For more details on the build tool, see Build Tool.

Build Outputs

If the build is successful, Outputs folder will contain the build binaries. One of the output files will be which will be used in the stitching step.


Clean command removes all the existing build artifacts.

python clean

Stitch IFWI

Stitching an IFWI with SBL requires certain other ingredients. Please refer to Supported Hardware for platform specific stitching details.

Flash IFWI

The final step is to flash the stitched IFWI image on the target board.


Typically a flash programmer like DediProg would be required for this step.


Linux users please refer to DediProg Linux User Manual.

Please also refer to Supported Hardware for platform specific details.